Awaken Your Own Inner Financial Genius.........

These proven patterns of success have been accessed and used by all of those who have become rich through-out the ages as well as great athletes, innovative scientists, and brilliant artists. No one taught you this profound wisdom for creating wealth. Your desire for more money, success, and happiness flowing into your life is simply the natural seed of your money making potential waiting to be awakened.

Let us show you how!

In this extraordinary workshop, you will learn a step by step process for how to win the money game so that you never have to work again...unless it is something you love.

Are You Ready To Break Through To The Next Level?

Here’s some of what you’ll learn…
• Accelerate your speed to financial freedom
• 7 powerful success secrets used by all high achievers
• Transform negative emotions into passionate and positive activity
• Vanquish old thought and emotional patterns holding you back from taking action
• Break through and clear fears and limiting beliefs about money, relationships, and health
• How the power of modeling can generate high cash flow
• Discover the relationship between presence and a high powered income.

“Your bank account is the mirror image of what is going on inside you.”

The Millionaire Maker's Intensives
“Ed, when I first got started, I learned so much from you. You were definitely one of my early heroes. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am.”
— Anthony Robbins, Best selling author and world renowned speaker

“Ed's energy, insights, and presentation are extraordinary!”
— Randy Moore, President & Ceo of Natural Awakenings Magazine

“Ed Beckley has known more ups and downs than most people will experience in a lifetime, and he has come out of them with an illumined heart. He teaches from a place of “Been there done that” - having seen the darkness, he has chosen the light. And his choice is a blessing for all of us"
— Marianne Williamson, Internationally acclaimed author

“I learned more about making money in my business than I did in the previous 20 years.”
— Mark Delott, President and CEO

“I never knew life could be this good...Ed is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met. Thanks so much.”
— Ann Kingsbury, CPA

“Ed Beckley is a miracle worker…since taking his workshop my income has increased over $70,000.”
— Trudy Clark, Small business owner

“Ed Beckley’s teachings were indispensable in helping me to become a Millionaire!”
— Daryl LaClaire, Former landscaper
“One Decision in this Present Moment Could Change Your Financial Destiny Forever.”
— Ed Beckley

Now You Can Learn How To Create A Millionaire Mind….

How Do Millionaires Do It?
Millionaires are not any smarter or happier than you are. They simply know a few powerful success secrets that have allowed them to win the money game. How would you like to learn these money making secrets and live a life filled with extraordinary possibilities of happiness?
What does your money and success blueprint look like?

Each of us has a money, success, and happiness blueprint ingrained in our sub-conscious. This blueprint will determine your financial destiny. You did not design this financial plan. You had many people responsible for your past programming: parents, teachers, friends, clergy, society, etc.
Much of this was done when you were a young child and very impressionable. These well meaning people shaped and sculpted your deep seeded beliefs about money, success, and happiness.

Other people determined your current financial destiny…. unless you exercise your power to change….Now!

Let us show you how:
• Childhood conditioning affects your bank account today
• To clear and release hidden emotional blocks to making real money
• To recondition your mind for brilliant and lasting success
• To change your personal money blueprint for automatic success
• To reduce stress while increasing energy and clarity

"Work harder on yourself than you do the money. Money is attracted not pursued.”

Each moment of your life is precious and powerful… an untapped gold mine. In this very moment you are either attracting success or chasing it away. Whether you magnetize money or repel it is up to your inner success blueprint.

Your current financial blueprint will stay with you for the rest of your life unless you recognize it and change it, Now!

The Millionaire Maker’s Intensive is designed to recondition you for automatic success in all aspects of your life: financial, relationships, health, and happiness.